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New Website: Jennie Jane Handmade Bags and Crafts

Here is a new website I built for my handmade bag business: Jennie Jane Handmade Bags and Crafts Jennie Jane is a new business that features the handmade purses and bags sold in my Etsy shop. The design is based on a simple color palette and clean layout. This website was built in WordPress using […]

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Protecting Your WordPress Site

Today a client came to me and stated she could no longer log into her WordPress site, which I designed several months ago. Apparently the login page had been taken over by “the3gayskeeters Mailer.” I opened the wp-login.php file on the server, and sure enough, the code had been compromised by “Yogyacarderlink Indonesian Black Hat […]

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Do it Pro Bono with the Taproot Foundation

Our nation is dependent on our nonprofit sector to provide critically needed services to meet our growing social, environmental, health, cultural, and economic challenges. If you’d like to donate your professional skills to help a nonprofit increase its impact, consider becoming a Taproot Foundation volunteer. As an added benefit of contributing to a great cause, you’ll have the ability to network, grow professionally, and boost your resume and portfolio.

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Frederick County Composts

Did you know that Frederick County produces and sells its own “premium compost?” Yard waste collected in Frederick County gets composted, which is important for reducing waste. For all you folks who want to give gardening a go this year, compost is great for establishing new lawns and gardens, amending existing soil, planting trees and shrubs and mulching garden beds. And I think Frederick County is selling theirs for a pretty good price!

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Common recycling mistakes!

More than 7% of what’s being “recycled” in Frederick County is actually trash, costing the government more than $40,000 a month in sorting and disposal. What are you recycling that’s actually garbage?

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