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Spoils of Otakon

Here are a couple of items I brought home from Otakon. A super cute Kallen Kozuki cell phone charm from one of the many J Pop/knick knack type stores. Two prints from the amazing illustrator Echo Chernik. Love her art nouveau inspired pieces. And a wig from The Five Wits that I can use for […]

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Poor girl Winry Rockbell costume

Here is the costume I wore on day three of Otakon. Winry Rockbell from Full Metal Alchemist: This costume was put together mostly with items I had around the house. Really the only effort I put into this costume was modifying the length of the jacket and styling the wig. I purchased the wig at […]

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Finished C.C. costume

Here’s a look at the completed C.C. schoolgirl costume. This was before we left for Otakon so the wig looks nice and pretty. It totally got wrecked just from walking around. I should have hairsprayed the snot out of those pigtails. I ended up making the tie myself. I wasn’t happy with what I ordered […]

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C.C. wig complete

My C.C. school girl wig is complete. I used a green Tina from Cosworx. It’s a bit too bright and neon for C.C., but I didn’t want to mess with custom color at the time. Even so, I love the color of this wig! The hair seems thin in the back so I pulled the […]

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Ashford Academy uninform

Here are a couple pictures of the costume I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. An Ashford Academy school girl uniform (Code Geass). Not perfect by any means, but I think it’s pretty good for a non-seamstress! I ordered the tie online and really hope it arrives before the con, otherwise I’ll have […]

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