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The Beauty of Freecycle

My friends, family and co-workers have heard me ranting and raving about Freecycle for several months now. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, I highly recommend they become acquainted with how it works. Whether you’re a conservationist, have “junk” you need to get rid of, or are in need of something but don’t have the money to spend, Freecycle can be a valuable tool.

The concept: Local communities of people give and receive stuff for free, thus keeping usable items out of landfills. Members post listings online when they have items to offer or are in need of something specific. The Frederick, MD Freecycle Group currently has 14,070 members.

Inspiration: I started using Freecycle as an opportunity to get rid of some unneeded items around my house. The inspiration to find this kind of recycling program came right around bulk trash day. The amount of stuff that’s thrown away is amazing, especially when there are people out there who have next to nothing. It was obvious that at least some of this “garbage” was wanted or usable, what with so many people driving around the neighborhood to collect other people’s “junk.” Why not see if someone wants that end table before you chuck it to the curb?

The gift of giving: With Freecycle, I’ve passed on many items to members who were genuinely in need. Members have told me stories about having hardly any clothes due to recent family tragedies and siblings who live in a house with one light because they can’t afford to purchase lamps. By participating in Freecycle, not only am I ridding my closets and drawers of items I don’t use, but I’m helping those in the community that are less fortunate.

Receiving items is fun too! A couple of months ago my hair straightener broke and was generously replaced within 24 hours by another Freecycle member. Last Saturday my Magic Bullet blender stopped working. I posted a wanted and received a response for a replacement by Sunday! Many people don’t want to trash something that’s still usable and they end up collecting unneeded items. But when the opportunity comes along to pass these items to people who can use them, they are more than happy to help!

Even if you think something you’re about to trash is junk, don’t discount that there may be someone out there who could use it. To find your local Freecycle group, go to Happy Freecycling!

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