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The Tester—A Gaming Reality Show from PlayStation

Today I got an email about an open casting call for The Tester—a new reality competition series for the PlayStation® Network. In this series, a handful of gamers will compete in a series of challenges to test their game knowledge, memory, stamina, dexterity, and mental prowess. To win the game, contestants need personality, gaming skills, smarts, and a competitive edge. The winner will receive a position a Sony Computer Entertainment’s quality assurance department located in San Diego, CA. He/she will test games before they are released!

I’ve always thought it’d be kind of fun to be on a reality show, and probably a gaming show would be the only one I’d be a good fit for. I’m not extremely good looking with a wacky personality that would land me on the Real World. I don’t have a rockin’, ripped and sexy body with physical ability that would land me on Survivor. But I’m still quirky and likable, and I’ve always been good at video games. So, why not have ME on a gaming reality show? 🙂

So I applied for The Tester just for fun. I don’t think I’m really interesting enough to be on a reality show. And even if I were selected, I’d probably get voted off in a heart beat because I’m sure there are millions of other gamers out there who are better than me! If you care to watch my lame-ass audition video, I’ve posted it below. Be nice—I’m not doing this to be a rock star! 😉

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